Friday, April 24, 2009

Etsy Day

And the 04/24: Etsy Day arrived!
We have prepared a lot of things to celebrate this wonderful day.
The first thing we offer just today a 20% OFF in all the items (as PayPal refund).
Also we have dressed our store for the wonderful event with a new orange header and avatar.
We prepare two Etsy glasses and we take ourselves some photos. Aren't they so funny?

...and a crown for our dear Johnny!

Please Johnny we want your photo.


Thanks Johnny! :-) :-)

Have a nice Etsy Day!

Our team Etsy in Spanish also is working for the event: in our blog and the wonderful banner.

Thank you lolos and LaBestia

1 comment:

ixela said...

These glasses are simply stunning... and your Johnny... just adorable!!!